Want To Turn Concept
or Marketing Plan into a
Multi Level Marketing System?


Our consultant can assist in drafting the most suitable marketing plan for you.


Our technical expert will transform our idea into programming language.

We’re multi level marketing software consultant that based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with more than 18 years of experience.


We cater for all your direct sales, networking marketing needs.


We're a team of qualified IT professionals to provide top quality of services.

High Commitment with fast response & support.

We've more than 20 in-house programmers that ensure your project can be delivered smoothly and timely.

Ready Modules

Fast development is possible with our ready made modules that can be customized into any conditions or values.


We’re able to customize any script with our in-house developer that able to meet you in Malaysia.

Well tested & Not a Fixed Template

We ensure our system has the maximum ability to customize into any marketing plan. All the live data are secured in our high security dedicated cloud server.


1Would there be any hidden cost?
There’s no hidden cost, everything is stated clearly in our proposed quotation with the right expectation from the commencement of the project.
2What methods do you use to gather and understand my software requirements?
Our approach to requirements gathering is simple and effective. This deep understanding of your requirements ensures that we are able to deliver the software you need that adds value to your business
3What support services do you offer on applications that you have built?
Our objective is to support you through your entire application lifecycle and foster a long term partnership, fundamental to this is our software support and maintenance service for your custom application.
4What do you mean by Custom Software Development?
It means that our software developers can build a custom application based upon your specific business needs. We can do this quickly by using our previous software components ultimately cutting short the development time and cost.

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